Thinking about owning an investment property?

The real estate and lending crises have certainly created their share of hardships for people across the entire country. As is the case with any type of bubble that bursts however, there are tremendous opportunities for those who are willing to take the risks to pick up the pieces. Now more than ever, the ability to buy and own investment properties exists. The opportunity to buy and hold investment property in Chicago is as strong as it has been in decades. Real estate values have virtually been reset back 40 years in some areas of the city and savvy investors are capitalizing on opportunities.


At the present time, real estate investors are able to take advantage of the multi-generational lows in prices and the strong demand for rentals. By negotiating favorable prices on short sale and rehabbing distressed properties, investors are able to own properties which are cash flow positive only a few short months after purchase. In many cases, they are able to recoup their initial investments with the first year of ownership. Along with the cash flow come the tax advantages of depreciating investment properties .


The ability to own cash flow properties and produce recurring monthly income is a great strategy to complement any retirement plan.


Select Funding LLC plays a vital role in helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams by not only providing capital but also connecting investors with the resources necessary to be successful.