Real Estate Agents

Hard money lending and construction loans in this market propel the  real estate industry. Agents are able to sell more underutilized properties and help rebuild neighborhoods.

Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors & Rehabbers

With the use of capital provided by Select Funding, real estate investors and rehabbers are now taking advantage of a fractured real estate market and helping to revitalize properties throughout the city.

Select Funding, along with real estate investors, have helped improve the condition of Chicago as a whole by offering hard money loans to fund rehab construction which, in turn, feeds the real estate industry and helps foster local business.

More Chicago Jobs Made Through Rehab Investment Lending

Through the risks being taken by these entrepreneurs, opportunities for employment are being created for both skilled and unskilled labor sources helping to put Chicago residents back to work. Rehab investments are helping to steadily rebuild the city, paving the way for new lucrative business opportunities and restoring homes for many who may not have them otherwise, or find them as habitable. New businesses are also able to make use of fully rehabilitated facilities in order to stay successful.

Choose Select Funding for the funding of property rehabilitation, and help improve the community.