Investors: Tips to Increase Your Return


Understand your potential. At Select Funding, we are here from start to finish with our investors. High return on investment is every rehabber’s ultimate goal. Some investors consider “good” returns as ranging from 10-20%, but at Select Funding, the kind of returns that we like to see (and consistently see) are over 100%.

Take (smart) risks. Our successful and repeat investors specialize in increasing property values, and beautifying communities in high return areas of Chicago. Some distressed properties requiring more renovation may seem risky, but more often than not have a greater potential on return. Research, and look for distressed investment properties in Chicago that have potential for rentals- these will ultimately give you means to maximize your return. Our most successful investors are adept at taking smart risks when choosing properties to flip.


Close fast, flip fast. We give you the means to amplify your potential gains, and unlike many money lenders, we close within 10-14 days at Select Funding, and our loans are short-term.  Have a calculated plan to rehab your property quickly, and efficiently. The faster you flip, the more annualized return you see.