Hard Money 101

People are generating more and more wealth in the real estate market by rehabbing properties. There is an increasing amount of properties in the Chicago area that are available to be rehabbed by investors, and we have the tips for you to start right now. For investors, hard money loans are often the first move on their way to purchasing and rehabbing a property to make a profitable sale in the future. Here are some tips from Select Funding, to make sure you, as the investor, can close with confidence.


Location, Location, Location


When choosing properties to rehab, location can make or break your profits. Often times, two properties in the same condition, in need of the same money for rehabbing, can reap two completely different profits after flipping depending on the neighborhood. Choosing a better location for a higher price initially, will most likely prove to make you more money in the end. With Select Funding’s hard money loans, you will be able to put forth a larger initial investment in a quality location, and end up with a lucrative property.


Understand the Property


It is imperative that you know certain pieces of information on the property before investing. The distress level of the property, code violations, and structural integrity are a few important factors to know about your future property. Select Funding will help you find properties that have opportunity and promise for profit.


Find the perfect loan for you, and your property


In this market, there is an abundance of loan options for investors looking to flip properties. There are different terms, loans, rates, and time frames depending on the investor’s wants and the property’s needs. Select Funding understands this and we are here to cater to your unique situation regarding the loan. Select Funding allows you to close quickly and confidently, with help from us every step of the way.