Credit and Investor Loans

Credit and Investor Loans


There has never been a better time to invest in foreclosed properties. The real estate market has literally reset itself 40-50 years in certain areas of the city, making entry level prices the same as they were decades ago. The acquisition of distressed buildings has now become very desirable.

The entry into the marketplace is much easier than it was in the recent past. It is the “exit” however that continues to be the tricky part.

Contrary to what you may hear or read on a daily basis,lending is loosening up, values have stabilized and opportunity is plentiful IF you have the appropriate exit strategy. The main factor in analyzing the ability of an investor to exit timely is their credit score. Without significant credit, NO bank will even look at an investor in terms of a purchase or refinance.

When working with a “Hard Money or “Rehab lender” your credit is your lifeline!

I cannot over emphasize the importance of superior credit. No matter how high your score might be, it can always be higher. Great credit is the key to getting your “short term loan” refinanced.

We at Select Funding LLC understand the need and importance of keeping your credit high.

First, it helps us to consider your request for funding for our purchase and rehab loan program.  Secondly, as we are underwriting your loan request we are already in contact with a potential takeout (or refinance) source. Based on the feedback we get from our service providers we immediately know if you are a good candidate for a refinance based on the current market conditions and your credit.

If you need help raising your credit score or want to look into improving you current score, visit our website at and click on services.

Keep those Scores High!!!