Capital Investors

Currently, the Chicago real estate landscape presents many profitable opportunities to buy and hold investment property. With the hard money loans to rehab these properties, Select Funding helps foster construction and economic growth.


Take Advantage of Rehab Property Investment Lending

With a housing rebound, rehab property investments are ideal for capital investors. Even in the midst of lending and real estate crises, capital investors willing to take on the risks associated with property investing can profit tremendously.


Choose Select Funding for Hard Money Loans

Rental housing is currently experiencing a surge in demand, with multi-generational pricing lows. Capital investors can negotiate ideal prices on rehabbing properties and short sale, making properties cash flow positive within a few months of investing. Many investors utilizing hard money construction loans for their rehab projects wind up being able to recover their initial investments within one year of ownership, and additional profits are earned through the tax advantages that depreciating investment property presents.


Rapid Construction Loan Programs for Capital Investors

Capital investors will find that Select Funding closes the investment properly quickly, within 10-14 days of investment, and we are dedicated to helping investors achieve their aspirations by providing both capital and connections with other savvy investors.  Contact Select Funding to learn more about our construction and bridge lending options, and see how easy it can be to fund your real estate investment with hard money.