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As a mortgage broker or realtor, you want to provide great service to your clients, and offer them everything they need.  It’s how you form long-lasting client relationships, and how you grow your business.  Have you considered talking to your clients about investment property rehab?

Take a look at the advantages of partnering with Select Funding, the experts in investment property lending.


How can a partnership with Select Funding help grow my business?

More Clients.  Our mutual referral agreement means a steady flow of new business for you.

Expanded Offering.  By adding rehab lending to your offering, you’ll provide added value to your clients.

Stronger Client Relationships.  After your clients finish the rehab process with us, you retain their business when it’s time to refinance the property.  It’s a great way to build long-term client relationships.

Repeat Business.  Simply put, clients that have great experiences do business with you and Select Funding again.

Quick Close.  As a mortgage broker or realtor, you may be used to waiting the typical 30-45 days to close.  Rehab investment property closes much more quickly.  Most loans for us close within 10-14 days.


How does a partnership with Select Funding work?

Easy processing.  Once you refer your client to us, we take care of the processing work for rehab loans.

Expertise.  We’ll give you tips on how to identify potential investors from your current client base, and how to talk to them about the benefits of rehab property investing.

Communication.  We agree to stay in constant communication regarding our mutual clients’ project status.

Mutual referrals.  Since we both have clients who are investment property rehabbers, we can mutually grow our business through referrals.