Best time to Rehab Property in Chicago

When is the best time to rehab properties? If you guessed the spring or summer you are wrong.

The best time to purchase and rehab an investment property, especially in Chicago is NOW!

Most novice investors or first time rehabbers are probably ready to go into hibernation as soon as winter begins. They probably view the weather as a deterrent and are overwhelmed with the beginning of the holiday season.

This is when the pro’s, those who really know how to capitalize on the world of rehabbing and real estate investment, are working their hardest.

Savvy investors are stocking up on inventory right about now. They are buying at bargain basement prices for a few different reasons:

1)    Banks must move REO (real estate owned) off their books as they head into the new year, and

2)    The competition has become less fierce for the reasons mentioned above. Weather, holidays and just the perception that this is a slow time of the year.

What should the pro’s be doing??

1)    Stocking up on inventory to take advantage of the coming months,

2)    Letting their contractors know that they will be busy, therefore securing a good workforce, and

3)    Working with their rehab lender to create the right strategy to purchase, rehab and exit in the most profitable way.

Select Funding LLC has created a network of resources second to none in the Chicago rehab market.

These resources, including Sellers of rehab property, contractors, insurance company contacts etc. are available but exclusive to Select Funding customers only.


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